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Over 2 billion financed in special-purpose property

The Liquid Capital Major Property Managers Count On

Many businesses and property managers that manage multiple properties at the same time find it difficult to get additional commercial mortgages in Los Angeles because banks can assume that a business is overextended with too many properties. An unfavorable mix of fixed and liquid capital can sink an investor’s chance of getting a mortgage due to the fact that banks do not consider all necessary factors in their underwriting process. At First Financial Capital, we do things differently.

As a fully financed, direct-portfolio lender, we look at every aspect of your business to determine your ability to pay back the loan in the short term. We also offer both collateral and equity based lending, so you have even more opportunities to get funded depending on your current position. We believe that the opportunities for commercial real estate financing in Los Angeles should be accessible rather than restrictive. We have more than 30 years of experience in the financial industry, so we know exactly what borrowers look for in commercial real estate lending in Los Angeles.

When laying out the terms of our loans, we make sure to first and foremost consider the needs of the borrower. We offer one to three year terms, but do not charge any pre-payment penalties if a borrower wishes to pay the loan back early and save on interest payments. Additionally, we offer borrows to only pay only interest during the first year of the loan, so our borrowers do not feel overly burdened by immediate costs.

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