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Reliable, Commercial Real Estate Loans

When seeking out commercial mortgages in Los Angeles, many investors find it difficult to find a bank willing to fund their new acquisition, especially if they already have a pre-existing mortgage that they are still paying off. This is often because banks have overly stringent and restrictive ways of determining if a company or investor is eligible for a loan. Even when banks are willing to give out a loan, they often are only willing to give out a long term mortgage that may carry a pre-payment penalty if the borrower wants to pay it off early.

At First Financial Capital, we pride ourselves on our ability to work differently. Like a bank, we are fully funded and specialize in large sum commercial real estate financing in Los Angeles. But, unlike a bank, we are much more amenable to lending because we consider a variety of factors that banks don’t when determining whether or not a borrower is eligible for a loan. We understand that many decisions to acquire a new piece of property are justified based on a large influx of capital that is expected to come in, rather than relying solely on regular monthly revenue. We truly look at the big picture, and have approved many qualified candidates that banks overlook.

One of the other reasons why First Financial Capital is so regularly relied on for commercial real estate lending in Los Angeles is that we have extremely attractive loan terms. Most of our loans carry a one to three year term length with no prepayment penalties for paying early. But, because certain borrowers have the option of paying only the interest during the first year, borrowers are never pressured into paying it off early.

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