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Prompt Funding for New Office Buildings

The old adage goes that, in business, one has to spend money to make money. Yet, there are certainly many situations where a real estate investor or business owner has an idea for expansion that may be necessary for the growth of the business, but there is not enough present capital to afford the expenditure. However, when faced with this situation, potential commercial real estate buyers can still pursue growth in their company by applying for office building loans in Los Angeles with First Financial Capital.

Apart from using office building loans to expand or open an additional set of offices, many of our borrowers use funding from First Financial Capital as a bridge loan to ensure that everything goes smoothly when moving locations. There are certain situations where a bank will not agree to give a business owner or real estate investor a mortgage on a building if they a have yet to pay off the mortgage on their last building. This can create a gap in available capital, but this is a gap that loans from First Financial Capital are designed to fill, whether borrowers need office building or warehouse loans in Los Angeles.

In addition to loans for office buildings, First Financial Capital also lends to borrowers who need loans for a large variety of special-purpose building types including automotive center loans in Los Angeles. For these loans, and loans for any other building type, First Financial Capital assures that qualified borrowers receive favorable loan terms that emphasize flexibility. One standout example of this flexibility is the fact that First Financial Capital never charges any pre-payment penalties if borrowers wish to pay the loan back earlier than initially agreed upon.

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