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Office Building Loans in Los Angeles


Whether real estate owners are using their buildings to house their own businesses, or if they are renting it out to other occupants, office building real estate can be a very valuable investment. Yet, while there is great opportunity to profit off of real estate ownership in high rent areas such as Los Angeles, the high property values can make it difficult to quickly gather the funds up front when an opportunity arises. This is why, at First Financial Capital, we work to make our loan approval process as quick and straightforward as possible, so qualified candidates can count on funding when they need office building loans in Los Angeles the most.

Expansion Made Easy

Running out of office space for your current business is often a good problem to have, as needing more space is a sure sign of growth. However, growth still does not mean real estate owners have the liquid capital to purchase a new property outright. By providing a dependable source of funding for office building loans in Los Angeles, we serve as a reliable financing partner that businesses and real estate owners rely on to consistently approve funding.

In addition to approving office building loans in West Hollywood quickly and without any unnecessary hoops to jump through, our loan terms are very favorable and preferred by our borrowers:

  • Fast Funding – Qualified candidates who apply for office building loans in West Hollywood can expect to get their funding less than two weeks from when they are approved.
  • No Prepayment Penalties – The fact that we never impose any penalties on our borrowers if they wish to pay back their loans earlier than initially scheduled means that real estate owners can get office building financing in Los Angeles without having to worry about being locked-in.
  • One to Three Year Terms – Even when borrowers choose to take advantage of the full payback period for their real estate financing in Los Angeles, our relatively short repayment schedules ensure that no borrower is still paying back the loan more than three years down the road.

Any borrowers needing office, gas station, or apartment building loans in Los Angeles can call us today at (310) 694-5060. (Broker license number: CA DRE 01523939)

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