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Funding Tomorrow’s Hotels, Today

Progress always begins with a promising idea, but often times, the one who has that idea may not be the one that has access to the funding needed to make it a reality. At First Financial Capital, we use our extensive funds to partner with borrowers needing various types of commercial real estate financing including hotel loans in Los Angeles. Our success as a lender is based around the success of our borrowers, and it truly shows in the number of borrowers who return to us when they are looking to purchase their next piece of special purpose property.

Part of the reason why our borrowers so often find success is that our loan terms give them the flexibility they need to make their investments work. We never charge our borrowers any pre-payment penalties, so they have the ability to pay back the loan as early as is convenient to them. Additionally, when providing hotel or retail loans in Los Angeles, we also provide qualified borrowers the option of making payments only on the interest for the first year of the payback period. Typically, payback periods for loans from First Financial Capital last between one to three years, so borrowers are not stuck making payments for many years down the line.

What is also very important to borrowers, especially those looking for larger building financing, is that the hotel or office building loans in Los Angeles that they receive are of a large enough amount to cover the cost of the building. To this end, we provide loans with a loan-to value ratio of up to 80 percent, so borrowers are able to cover the cost of the building and immediately start working towards growth and success.

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