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Bridge Loans in Los Angeles

When acquiring new property or moving to a new location, real estate owners are faced with the difficult decision of determining the order in which they should buy and sell property. If a real estate owner sells one piece of property before buying a new building, then there is a gap where they are losing out on potential revenue or progress on their project. Yet, many banks are not willing to lend money to real estate owners or individuals if it would require compounding mortgages. Thankfully, First Financial Capital is here to provide bridge loans to Los Angeles real estate owners who need gap financing to secure their next property.

The most common seekers of bridge loans in Los Angeles are real estate owners or holdings companies whose fixed assets are plentiful, but do not have the liquidity necessary to pay for a property outright, and are overstretched across conventional banks. The loan experts at First Financial Capital can look over a borrower’s current holdings or growth potential to determine whether or not they are able to pay off bridge loans in Los Angeles.

Convenience and Flexibility

Companies can qualify for anywhere between $1,000,000 to $25,000,000 over a one to three year term, giving them flexibility both in the loan amount and the payback period. Yet, unlike a traditional bank loan that is paid back over a very long period of time, bridge loans in Los Angeles are meant to be a temporary lump sum allowing real estate owners to acquire new property before an anticipated, near-equal sum becomes available to them either through investors or through the sale of a previous property.

First Financial Capital works hard to make real estate in Los Angeles accessible to real estate owners who have the means to pay for it, without the necessary liquidity to make a deal in the short term. Nothing is worse than watching a lucrative deal slip through your fingertips because of a lack of liquid assets, but with bridge loans in Los Angeles from First Financial Capital, that does not need to happen.

First Financial Capital has financed over $2 billion in property since starting in 2003, and we are excited to watch that number grow with real estate owners like yourself. To see if you qualify for bridge loans in West Los Angeles, or to find out more information on First Financial Capital’s terms and rates, call us today at (310) 694-5060. (Broker license number: CA DRE 01523939)

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