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Apartment Building Loans in Los Angeles



In areas such as Los Angeles that have high property values and stable or rising populations, apartment buildings are often a very profitable form of real estate investment. Even so, some banks will not approve deserving candidates for a loan depending on their internal policies or the criteria that they use to assess credit-worthiness. At First Financial Capital, we work with real estate owners to provide apartment building loans in Los Angeles with terms that keep our borrowers coming back whenever a new opportunity arises. Some of these attractive loan terms include:

  • Short-Term Payback Periods – For many real estate owners managing apartment buildings, their revenue stream is fixed, so they know exactly when they will be able to gather enough rent revenue to pay back the entirety of the loan. With First Financial Capital, borrowers sign on to repay these apartment building loans in Los Angeles across periods between one and three years, so they are not tied down to a long-term repayment plan.
  • No Pre-Payment Penalties – Even more, our borrowers will never have to pay any penalties for paying off their loan early. Pre-payment penalties are used by banks as a way to force borrowers to keep making interest payments as long as possible, yet they are an inefficient and punitive way of dealing with multifamily loans in Los Angeles.

Grow Your Portfolio

As a direct portfolio lender, we know the importance of building upon an already strong set of holdings, and we make sure to streamline the underwriting process to make sure that qualified borrowers are approved for the multifamily loans in Los Angeles that they need. We believe that a solid plan for growth should not be put on hold due to the inability to be approved for apartment building loans in West Hollywood.

Many of our borrowers first hear about First Financial Capital when they are searching for bridge financing in Los Angeles. Our short-term repayment schedule and our quick approval process is perfect for any type of real estate financing in West Los Angeles. For more information about our terms and conditions, you can call us at (310) 694-5060 today. (Broker license number: CA DRE 01523939)

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