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For business owners whose growth relies on the regular acquisition of new properties, it is absolutely essential that they have access to funding that is not only sufficient, but also reliable. Like a bank, first First Financial Capital is fully capitalized, and able to provide funding for multi-million dollar projects. But, unlike these large financial institutions that business often turn to when needing commercial real estate financing Los Angeles, First Financial Capital is both flexible and reliable.

Many of the loans that we approve are for returning borrowers who know us as a reliable funding source for when indecisiveness and slow approval processes are not an option. Real estate investors and businesses shopping around for bridge loans in Los Angeles are typically on a ticking clock, so either a slow underwriting process or a long gap from approval to funding can result in a prime property slipping away to another buyer.

Any smart business owner knows that a successful enterprise is built upon efficiency and smart business decisions. While the smart decisions are completely up to the borrowers when deciding on which properties to acquire, the efficiency aspect of the equation is often left in the hands of whichever entity is providing the funding. At First Financial Capital, we understand how important it is to your business that we provide this funding with reliability and speed, so that you can reap all of the benefits of a shrewd acquisition. Whether we are providing traditional, or more out of the box finance in Los Angeles, past borrowers know that it is funding that they can rely on. (Broker license number: CA DRE 01523939)

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