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A Partner for Commercial Mortgages

Due to stringent and restrictive loan policies, many qualified borrowers are systematically denied commercial mortgages in Los Angeles when needing to acquire a new property. Especially after the financial crisis, banks were left with more foreclosed properties than they knew what to do with, and became weary of having too many mortgages on the books. Yet, at First Financial Capital, we do not limit ourselves and our potential borrowers by only considering certain limiting factors when determining their loan eligibility. During our underwriting process, we examine the big picture and consider all potential sources of incoming revenue to ensure that any investor that is truly qualified for a loan can receive one.

We understand many investors are looking to acquire a piece of property before an influx of liquid capital comes in, so they turn to us for valuable short-term financing to be paid off in the near future. While commercial real estate financing in Los Angeles from banks often carries a 15 or 30 year payback period, First Financial Capital loans are meant to be paid off over a one to three year payback period. But, because we do not charge our borrowers any pre-payment penalties, you can pay off the loans as soon as you have the money and avoid future interest payments. We are both fully funded and offer loan terms that are both amenable and favorable to the borrower, so there is truly no better partner for commercial real estate lending in Los Angeles than First Financial Capital.

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